Integrated Land Management

Integrated Land Management encompasses aspects of Rural Diversification with a particular focus on the delivery of solutions, rather than merely offering advice. We work with specific parties and partners who deliver the end result for the landowner – whether through land promotion, the delivery of renewable energy solutions, or even Biodiversity Net Gain.

Income and Capital Generation through “Integrated Land Management”

  • Commercial & Leisure property development and management/lettings.
  • Landowner Promotions: Residential developments and sales through land promotion or direct agreements with developers.
  • Third Party Promoters: Presenting parcels of land to land promoters and developers.
  • Residential Income and capital receipts from managed retirement park developer.
  • Solar Parks through highly respected developer/operator.

Biodiversity Net Gain

  • We have a joint partnership with the leading provider of Biodiversity Net Gain in the market – Environment Bank. Through this we link our network of developers and those of landowners to formulate a seamless delivery for both farms, estates, and other land owners (charities, local authorities, etc).

Rural Finance

  • RJS is partnered with specialist a Rural Surveying firm to provide the following Estates Management services to Land Owners.
  • Sectors include: New land purchases, business expansion, commercial and residential development; livestock and equestrian facilities.

Land Acquisition Clients Requirements

If you are a landowner, farmer, or estate owner, please do contact us as we have active client requirements for:

  • Edge of Settlement Locations: 2 acres +
  • Retirement village developments: 20 acres +
  • Solar Park developer/operator: 20 acres +
  • Strategic Land/House-builder requirements: 10 acres +++
  • Roadside sites of 4 acres + within reasonable distance of towns

Of course, we are extremely discreet and will not promote your land without you knowing or agreeing to whom we will be discussing it with.